Geometry Dash Subzero

Geometry Dash Subzero
Geometry Dash Subzero
ARCADEGEOMETRY SERIESNORMALHARDHARDERgeometry dashobstacleskillplatformjumpingrhythm4 stars6 stars8 stars

Geometry Dash Subzero is the fantastic sequel to the popular original title, Geometry Dash. In this rhythm-based installment, players once again embark on an incredible journey filled with endless thrills as they take control of a small geometric cube, navigating through a bunch of unpredictable levels. Set in a frosty environment adorned with dazzling neon lights, Geometry Subzero promises an entertaining endless game experience!

It’s easy to follow the basic mechanics of Geometry Dash Subzero. Your fast geometric cube moves forward automatically and all you have to do is control its jumps. Utilize well-timed jumps and precise controls to get to the end.

Who created Geometry Dash Subzero?

The official Geometry Dash Subzero game was developed by RobTop games.


Geometry Dash Subzero features three exciting game levels: Press Start, Nock Em and Power Trip. Additionally, it offers a selection of limited achievements, icons, and collectibles to enhance the gaming experience.

  • Press Start (Normal difficulty, 4 Stars): Introduces basic sequences using jump pads and rings, showcasing cube, ball, and robot forms, with occasional antigravity sections through portals and pads. Speed portals, including slow, normal, fast, and very fast variants, are also introduced.
  • Nock Em (Hard difficulty, 6 Stars): Introduces wave and spider game modes, along with the green jump ring and size portals. It showcases the random trigger with 'Rub' text decorations. This level also highlights camera features, including static camera and Y-Axis locked option. Additionally, it allows disabling particle effects of manipulation portals and the "End trigger" for the first time.
  • Power Trip (Harder difficulty, 8 Stars): Introduces the second use of the new Random Trigger, featured in messages at 60% and 85%. Power Trip also continues to showcase the new camera features.

Players can explore other titles in the Geometry series, such as Geometry Dash Meltdown, which offers a fresh set of obstacles and levels to conquer.

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